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Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga – A Path to Inner Transformation

At the heart of our philosophy lies Kriya Yoga, a profound method that transcends mere physical exercise to encompass mind, body, and spirit.

Kriya, which means method or technique, acts as a pathway to the Truth. While there is no fixed way to discover this ultimate reality, Kriya provides a guide to prepare oneself for the journey ahead. Through dedicated Sadhana (Sanskrit for spiritual practice), we open ourselves to grace, ensuring that our windows remain wide open to receive its gentle breeze.

At its core, Kriya Yoga combines principles of breath control, meditation, and mindfulness to balance the body, mind, and spirit.


Purpose, Process & Practise of Kriya Yoga


The purpose of Kriya is to balance your breath (shvasa), which is closely linked to your life energy, Prana. Kriya is a method by which the Prana is balanced, which is usually dissipated through the 108 nadis or (myriad) channels. It is a form of rhythmic breathing that allows you to manipulate your breath and connect it to Prana, which can help you reach higher levels of awareness.

According to yogic anatomy and physiology, the human body has countless channels through which energy flows. However, the most important channels are the Right, the Left, and the Central. The left and right channels are called ‘Ida’ and ‘Pingala’. The energy flows through them for any activity on this earth, including studying, physical activity, eating, sex, and more. You can gather the energies from the Ida and Pingala nadis and bring them to the Mooladhara chakra. From there, you can make them travel along the Sushumna nadi. As the Prana or energies begin to operate from there, your awareness rises from the gross to the subtler, and eventually, you can experience That which is endless and cannot be understood by the five senses. In order to attain certain states of consciousness, it is necessary to utilize additional means of perception, some of which are located along the central channel of energy that runs from the bottom of the spine to the top of the head, specifically, the Sahasrara, also known as the thousand-petalled Lotus. This process is known as Kriya and involves directing Prana energy to open up the various centers of perception within the body.

Through Sadhana, including Kriya, the brain’s structure is transformed, regulating the endocrine system and paving the way to receive insights beyond ordinary perception.


Four Basic Rules to practice Kriya: 

Yama and Niyamas

  1. Aim to practice at least once daily, and if you manage twice, even better. But make practicing once a day a priority, preferably in the morning.
  2. Make it your mission to always uphold the Truth in everything you do. Let the pursuit of honesty be your guiding principle and strive to never compromise on it.
  3. Embrace simplicity in your lifestyle to the extent possible. Do not tether your happiness to material possessions. Moderation is paramount.
  4. Minimize causing harm to all beings, including fellow humans, to the best of your capacity.

Sri M’s Tradition & Initiation

The knowledge of Kriya yoga is traditionally passed (initiated) on directly from teacher to student. Initiation is a special occasion where one forms a bond with their teacher that last lifetimes.

Sri M received his initiation into the practice of Kriya Yoga from his Guru, Maheshwarnath Babaji, belonging to the Nath Sampradaya (Tradition). Maheshwarnath Babaji’s own Guru was Sri Guru Babaji.

The Naths were esteemed yogis renowned for their mastery in various yogic disciplines including asanas, pranayama, kriya yoga, bandhas, and mudras. They diligently practiced and perfected these techniques. Many seminal works on yoga, such as the Goraksha Shataka, the Gheranda Samhita, and the Hathayoga Pradipika, were authored by Nath yogis.

Benefits of Kriya Yoga:

Practitioners of Kriya Yoga often report a wide range of benefits, both physical and spiritual. Physically, regular practice can lead to increased vitality, improved health, and enhanced overall well-being. Mentally and emotionally, Kriya Yoga fosters greater clarity of mind, emotional stability, and inner peace. Spiritually, the practice of Kriya Yoga is said to accelerate the journey toward self-realization, enabling practitioners to experience higher states of consciousness and union with the divine.


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Sri M

Sri M, born Mumtaz Ali Khan, is a renowned spiritual guide, teacher, author and living yogi whose profound wisdom and teachings have inspired countless individuals worldwide. 


Our organization is committed to promoting spiritual growth and well-being under the guidance of Sri M, our initiator and teacher. 

Sri M Germany

Our association is committed to promoting spiritual growth and well-being under the guidance of Sri M, our initiator and teacher. Our mission is to provide a platform for individuals interested in exploring and integrating Eastern practices such as Kriya and Hatha Yoga, Meditation, and other methods that help achieve inner harmony.

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